The Birchmont Golf Tournament
Bemidji Town and Country Club, Bemidji, MN
98th Annual
Monday-Saturday, July 25-30, 2022

Men's Champ Final  Tim Skarperud vs Tom Jenkins Tom Jenkins 1 up View matches
Exec Champ  Todd Schaefer vs Rick Passolt Rick Passolt 7-5 View matches
Junior Champ  Sam Matthew vs Kevin Larson Sam Matthew 5-4 View matches
Womens Champ  Rachel Roller vs Jenna Cannon Rachel Roller 2-1 View matches
Mens Champ  Mike Christensen vs Tom Jenkins Tom Jenkins 1 up View matches
Mens Champ  Tim Skarperud vs Johnny Larson Tim Skarperud 20 holes 
Sr. Mens Champ  Matt Anderson vs Pat Vincelli thru 11 holes View matches
Super Sr. Mens Champ  Rick Curb vs Bryant Barnes Bryant Barnes 2 up View matches

Exec Champ  Todd Schaefer vs Bill Freeman Todd Schaefer 6-5 View matches
Exec Champ  Rob Noren vs Rick Passolt Rick Passolt 7-6 
Womens Champ  Anne Fraser vs Rachel Roller Rachel Roller 2-1 View matches
Womens Champ  Missy Tabery vs Jenna Cannon Jenna Cannon 19 Holes 
Mens Champ  Jesse Nelson vs Mike Christensen Mike Christensen 20 Holes View matches
Mens Champ  Josh Bergrud vs Johnny Larson Johnny Larson 6-5 
Mens Champ  Devin Hexner vs Tom Jenkins Tom Jenkins 3-2 
Mens Champ  Tim Skarperud vs Thomas Strandemo Tim Skarperud 4-2 

Womens Champ  Anne Fraser vs Lee Zutz Fraser 4-3 View matches
Womens Champ  Sam Falk vs Missy Tabery Tabery 4-3 
Womens Champ  Rachel Roller vs Cydney Hasselberg Roller 3-2 
Womens Champ  Alyssa Williamson vs Jenna Cannon Cannon 2-1 
Mens Champ  Jesse Nelson vs Neil Rude Nelson 3-2 View matches
Mens Champ  Tim Skarperud vs Brad Anderson thru 16 holes 
Mens Champ  Brandon Myers vs Mike Christensen Christensen 20 holes 
Mens Champ  David Mooney vs Thomas Strandemo Strandemo 19 holes 
Mens Champ  Devin Hexner vs Matt Skarperud thru 9 holes 
Mens Champ  Chris Curb vs Josh Bergrud thru 9 holes 
Mens Champ  Tom Jenkins vs Justin Cross Jenkins 3-2 
Mens Champ  Johnny Larson vs Paul Daman Larson 1 up 

Exec Champ  Joe Burgess vs Pete Passolt Passolt 19 holes View matches
Exec Champ  Rob Noren vs Randy Landsverk Noren 2-1 
Exec Champ  Bill Freeman vs Mike Schiena Freeman 3-2 
Exec Champ  Curt Howard vs Todd Witkowski Howard 4-2 
Exec Champ  Russ Moen vs Jay Pietig Pietig 6-5 
Exec Champ  Doug Wald vs Matthew Morgan Morgan 20 holes 
Exec Champ  Todd Schaefer vs Cory Pettit Schaefer 4-3 
Exec Champ  Peter Bridston vs Rick Passolt Passolt 4-2 
Mens Champ  Jesse Nelson vs Chad Skarperud Nelson 1 up View matches
Mens Champ  Chris Curb vs Jeff Wiltse Curb 5-4 
Mens Champ  Jake Jorde vs Neil Rude Rude 2-1 
Mens Champ  Ben Berquist vs Josh Bergrud Bergrud 3-1 
Mens Champ  Brandon Myers vs Ben Cahill Myers 4-2 
Mens Champ  Johnny Larson vs Todd Hillier Larson 2-1 
Mens Champ  Tyler Rustad vs Mike Christensen Christensen 3-2 
Mens Champ  Jim Foss vs Paul Daman Daman 3-2 
Mens Champ  Devin Hexner vs Michael Slominski Hexner 8-7 
Mens Champ  Tim Skarperud vs Brett Severson Skarperud 2-1 
Mens Champ  Jake Sanders vs Matt Skarperud Skarperud 3-1 
Mens Champ  Josh Dale vs Brad Anderson Anderson 4-2 
Mens Champ  Tom Jenkins vs Ben Moen Jenkins 5-4 
Mens Champ  David Mooney vs Jeff Cannon Mooney 3-2 
Mens Champ  Russ Newman vs Justin Cross Cross 4-3 
Mens Champ  Thomas Strandemo vs Daryl Schomer Strandemo 1 up 
The Birchmont Tournament Committee Future Dates for the Birchmont
The Birchmont Tournament is held annually at the: The Vandersluis is held over Labor Day weekend and open to the public

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