The Birchmont Golf Tournament
Bemidji Town and Country Club, Bemidji, MN
98th Annual
Monday-Saturday, July 25-30, 2022

Men's Champ Final  Nathan Anderson vs Chad Erickson Nathan Anderson 4-3 View matches
Exec Champ  Todd Schaefer vs Daniel Gilman Todd Schaefer 2-1 View matches
Junior Champ  Sam Matthew vs Bill Carlson Bill Carlson 2-1 View matches
Womens Champ  Amy Anderson vs Jenna Buckwalter Amy Anderson 4-2 View matches
Mens Champ  Nathan Anderson vs Jake Sanders Nathan Anderson 19 holes View matches
Mens Champ  Duane Wages Jr vs Chad Erickson Chad Erickson 19 holes 
Sr. Mens Champ  Jack Seiberlich vs Glen Hasselberg Jack Seiberlich 21 holes View matches

Exec Champ  Todd Schaefer vs Russ Moen Todd Schaefer 1 up View matches
Exec Champ  Scott Anderson vs Daniel Gilman Daniel Gilman 3-2 
Womens Champ  Amy Anderson vs Anne Fraser Amy Anderson 7-5 View matches
Womens Champ  Mary Harris vs Jenna Buckwalter Jenna Buckwalter 3-1 
Mens Champ  Nick Schaefer vs Nathan Anderson Nathan Anderson 20 holes View matches
Mens Champ  Jeff Wiltse vs Duane Wages Jr Duane Wages Jr. 1 up 
Mens Champ  Ben Moen vs Jake Sanders Jake Sanders 5-4 
Mens Champ  Clint Cornell vs Chad Erickson Chad Erickson 1 up 
Sr. Mens Champ  Glen Hasselberg vs Tom Hanson Glen Hasselberg 1up View matches
Sr. Mens Champ  Jack Seiberlich vs John McEnroe Jack Seiberlich 1up 
Super Sr. Mens Champ  Joe Mayer vs Bryant Barnes Joe Mayer 5-4 View matches

Womens Champ  Amy Anderson vs Jenna Cannon Amy Anderson 6-4 View matches
Womens Champ  Jenna Buckwalter vs Chelsey Wongjirad Jenna Buckwalter 2-1 
Womens Champ  Anne Fraser vs Beth Duenow Anne Fraser 2-1 
Womens Champ  Teddi Roberts vs Mary Harris Mary Harris 4-2 
Mens Champ  Jake Sanders vs Jim Foss Jake Sanders 2-1 View matches
Mens Champ  Kevin Krigbaum vs Ben Moen Ben Moen 2-1 
Mens Champ  Danny Anderson vs Nathan Anderson Nathan Anderson 2-1 
Mens Champ  Johnny Larson vs Nick Schaefer Nick Schaefer 1up 
Mens Champ  Jeff Wiltse vs Brandon Myers Jeff Wiltse 2-1 
Mens Champ  Duane Wages Jr vs Neil Rude Duane Wages Jr 2 up 
Mens Champ  Clint Cornell vs Matt Skarperud Clint Cornell 5-4 
Mens Champ  Chad Erickson vs Ben Cahill Chad Erickson 5-3 
Sr. Mens Champ  Jack Seiberlich vs Don Dale Jack Seiberlich 6-4 View matches
Sr. Mens Champ  Glen Hassleberg vs Steve Dejong Glen Hasselberg 1 up 
Sr. Mens Champ  John McEnroe vs Chuck Hiller John McEnroe 5-4 
Sr. Mens Champ  Terry Jackson vs Tom Hanson Tom Hanson 4-3 
The Birchmont Tournament Committee Future Dates for the Birchmont
The Birchmont Tournament is held annually at the: The Vandersluis is held over Labor Day weekend and open to the public

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