The Birchmont Golf Tournament
Bemidji Town and Country Club, Bemidji, MN
98th Annual
Monday-Saturday, July 25-30, 2022
2009 President
Josh Curb
·Bemidji, MN Derek Hasselberg 5-4
Derek Hasselberg ·Princeton, MN
·Princeton, MN   Derek Hasselberg 2 up
Matt Read    
·Bemidji, MN Matt Read 4-3  
Nic Wagner ·Bemidji, MN  
·Denver, CO     Matt Hiller 5-4
James Clark    
·Orlando, FL James Clark 1 up    
Aaron Humphrey ·Orlando, FL    
·Rogers, MN   Matt Hiller 5-4  
Matt Hiller      
·Crookston, MN Matt Hiller 19 holes  
Dale Finck ·Crookston, MN  
·Bertha, MN   Matt Hiller 20 holes
Ryan Holte    
·Maple Grove, MN Duan Wages lll 2-1  
Duane Wages lll ·Grand Forks, ND  
·Grand Forks, ND   Chase Jackson 2-1  
Tim Tingelstad      
·Bemidji, MN Chase Jackson 5-4    
Chase Jackson ·Bemidji, MN    
·Bemidji, MN     Jon Blazek 20 holes
Toby Palmiscno    
·Bemidji, MN Micah Megorden 1 up  
Micah Megorden ·Moorhead, MN  
·Moorhead, MN   Jon Blazek 3-1
Rob Pemberton Jr.    
·Red Lake, MN Jon Blazek 1 up
Jon Blazek ·Owatonna, MN
·Owatonna, MN
Josh Curb
·Bemidji, MN Nic Wagner 2 up
Nic Wagner  
·Denver, CO   Nic Wagner 1 up
Aaron Humphrey    
·Rogers, MN Dale Finck 2 up  
Dale Finck    
·Bertha, MN     Toby Palmiscno 19 holes
Ryan Holte    
·Maple Grove, MN Tim Tingerstad 1 up  
Tim Tingelstad    
·Bemidji, MN   Toby Palmiscno 1 up
Toby Palmiscno    
·Bemidji, MN Toby Palmiscno 6-5
Rob Pemberton Jr.  
·Red Lake, MN
The Birchmont Tournament Committee Future Dates for the Birchmont
The Birchmont Tournament is held annually at the: The Vandersluis is held over Labor Day weekend and open to the public

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