The Birchmont Golf Tournament
Bemidji Town and Country Club, Bemidji, MN
98th Annual
Monday-Saturday, July 25-30, 2022
2008 President
Paul Daman
·Bemidji, MN Scott Ness 1up
Scott Ness ·East Grand Forks, MN
·East Grand Forks, MN   Brad Anderson 1up
Brad Anderson   ·Staples, MN
·Staples, MN Brad Anderson 5-4  
Aric Hanson ·Staples, MN  
·Coleraine, MN     Andy Vaaler 2-1
Mike Fore   ·Grand Forks, ND
·Maple Grove, MN Mike Fore 1up    
Nathan Brewinski ·Maple Grove, MN    
·Grand Forks, ND   Andy Vaaler 1up  
Joe Burgess   ·Grand Forks, ND  
·Woodbury, MN Andy Vaaler 3-2  
Andy Vaaler ·Grand Forks, ND  
·Grand Forks, ND   Chris Curb 4-3
Adam Pladson   ·Bemidji, MN
·Aurora, MN Adam Pladson 1up  
Josh Dale ·Aurora, MN  
·Crosslake, MN   Chris Curb 4-3  
Mox Gunderson   ·Bemidji, MN  
·Detroit Lakes, MN Chris Curb 5-3    
Chris Curb ·Bemidji, MN    
·Bemidji, MN     Chris Curb 7-5
Matt Norby   ·Bemidji, MN
·Grand Forks, ND Mike Levitt  
Mike Levitt ·Mesa, AZ  
·Mesa, AZ   Chase Jackson 4-3
Chase Jackson   ·Bemidji, MN
·Bemidji, MN Chase Jackson 4-3
Mark Patterson ·Bemidji, MN
·New Hope, MN
Paul Daman
  Paul Daman 4-3
Aric Hanson  
    Paul Daman 5-4
Nathan Brewinski   ·Bemidji, MN
  Nathan Brewinski 3-2  
Joe Burgess    
      Paul Daman
Josh Dale   ·Bemidji, MN
  Josh Dale 2-1  
Mox Gunderson    
    Josh Dale 2-1
----BYE---   ·Crosslake, MN
  Mark Patterson (Bye)
Mark Patterson  
The Birchmont Tournament Committee Future Dates for the Birchmont
The Birchmont Tournament is held annually at the: The Vandersluis is held over Labor Day weekend and open to the public

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