The Birchmont Golf Tournament
Bemidji Town and Country Club, Bemidji, MN
98th Annual
Monday-Saturday, July 25-30, 2022
2008 Senior Men's Championship
Jack Seiberlich DC
·Rush City, MN Jack Seiberlich 1up
Jim Nelson 83 ·Rush City, MN
·Houston, TX   Jack Seiberlich 6-4
Daniel Mullins 80   ·Rush City, MN
·Blaine, MN Don Dale 1up  
Don Dale 81 ·Bemidji, MN  
·Bemidji, MN     Jack Seiberlich 2 up
Chuck Hiller 77   ·Rush City, MN
·Crookston, MN Chuck Hiller 19 holes    
Jim Twetten 82 ·Crookston, MN    
·Scottsdale, AZ   John McEnroe 5-4  
John McEnroe 77   ·Woodbury, MN  
·Woodbury, MN John McEnroe 5-3  
Bob Kobilka 81 ·Woodbury, MN  
·Bemidji, MN   Jack Seiberlich 21 holes
Jeff Nelson 76   ·Rush City, MN
·Bemidji, MN Tom Hanson 4-3  
Tom Hanson 82 ·Detroit Lakes, MN  
·Detroit Lakes, MN   Tom Hanson 4-3  
Doug Hiney 79   ·Detroit Lakes, MN  
·Grand Forks, ND Terry Jackson 19 holes    
Terry Jackson 81 ·Bemidji, MN    
·Bemidji, MN     Glen Hasselberg 1 up
Steve Dejong 77   ·Staples, MN
·Altoona, IA Steve Dejong 2up  
Gary Vogel 82 ·Altoona, IA  
·Bemidji, MN   Glen Hasselberg 1up
Glen Hasselberg 79   ·Staples, MN
·Staples, MN Glen Hasselberg 6-5
Mark Noga 81 ·Staples, MN
·Los Altos, CA
Senior Men's Championship - CONSOLATION
  Don Dale
  ·Bemidji, MN
    Chuck Hiller
    ·Crookston, MN
  Chuck Hiller  
  ·Crookston, MN  
      Chuck Hiller 4-3
    ·Crookston, MN
  Terry Jackson  
  ·Bemidji, MN  
    Steve Dejong
    ·Atloona, IA
  Steve Dejong
  ·Altoona, IA
The Birchmont Tournament Committee Future Dates for the Birchmont
The Birchmont Tournament is held annually at the: The Vandersluis is held over Labor Day weekend and open to the public

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