The Birchmont Golf Tournament
Bemidji Town and Country Club, Bemidji, MN
98th Annual
Monday-Saturday, July 25-30, 2022
Online registration is currently closed. If you did not register online on April 1st and are interested in playing, please fill out our waitlist form | Confirmed Entrants for 2022
2022 Confirmed Entrants - 284
Beckett, GrandBemidji, MNJunior Division 12
Bluhm, AddisonBemidji, MNJunior Division 12
Brink, LoganBemidji, MNJunior Division 12
Burlingame, AxelBemidji, MNJunior Division 12
Fogelson, JacksonBemidji, MNJunior Division 12
Kuenzel, ByrtonGrand Forks, NDJunior Division 12
Kuenzel, McCoyGrand Forks, NDJunior Division 12
McKean, MaddenFarmington, MNJunior Division 12
Rivard, RoryGrand Forks, NDJunior Division 12
Urbaniak, GrahamNorth Oaks, MNJunior Division 12
Barnes, CalBemidji, MNJunior Division 17
Brink, NoahBemidji, MNJunior Division 17
Brown, StetsenGrand Forks, NDJunior Division 17
Buckley, KeeganGrand Forks, NDJunior Division 17
Carlson, NicholasBemidji, MNJunior Division 17
Eckmann, NolanPark Rapids, MNJunior Division 17
Fish, CarterBemidji, MNJunior Division 17
Fish, GrahamBemidji, MNJunior Division 17
Fredrickson, SimonHines, MNJunior Division 17
Fredrickson, SimonBemidji, MNJunior Division 17
Goralski, RyanNorth Oaks, MNJunior Division 17
Graveline, LaurenFargo, NDJunior Division 17
Hanson, JackApple Valley, MNJunior Division 17
Johnson, AidenMaple Grove, MNJunior Division 17
Kennelly, GriffinNorthfield, MNJunior Division 17
Kennelly, MilesNorthfield, MNJunior Division 17
Nowacki, MasenFertile, MNJunior Division 17
Rivard, RyderGrand Forks, NDJunior Division 17
Schneider, EspenGrand Forks, NDJunior Division 17
Seitz, WestonBemidji, MNJunior Division 17
Skarperud, EmmaGrand Forks, NDJunior Division 17
Tuomala, EliBemidji, MNJunior Division 17
Winge, HagenElkhorn, NEJunior Division 17
Aakhus, MikeMcIntosh, MNMasters Division
Bryan, MichaelMinnetonka, MNMasters Division
Caughey, WaynePerham, MNMasters Division
Fogelson, SteveBemidji, MNMasters Division
Fox, DaveSanborn, MNMasters Division
Hagge, JohnFergus Falls, MNMasters Division
Hanson, PaulChandler, AZMasters Division
Hasselberg, GlenStaples, MNMasters Division
Karnik, FredFargo, NDMasters Division
Kennelly, JamesLa Quinta, CAMasters Division
Kocak, JackBemidji, MNMasters Division
LaFave, JoeSaint Paul, MNMasters Division
Larson, JackClements, MNMasters Division
Lee, DavidWaukegan, ILMasters Division
Macintosh, ScottBismarck, NDMasters Division
Nelson, JeffBemidji, MNMasters Division
Noga, MarkLos Altos, CAMasters Division
Norby, DouglasGrand Forks, NDMasters Division
Ostlund, BobWalker, MNMasters Division
Paine, BobBemidji, MNMasters Division
Pederson, BrucePalm Springs, CAMasters Division
Riesberg, KenMesa, AZMasters Division
Sansom, MichaelGrand Forks, NDMasters Division
Sauer, RaySt Cloud, MNMasters Division
Sundberg, SteveWayzata, MNMasters Division
Taylor, DouglasWilliston, NDMasters Division
Thoreson, BillEast Grand Forks, MNMasters Division
Tweeton, JeffPerham, MNMasters Division
Wallin, JeffSan Diego, CAMasters Division
Adams, NateFargo, MNMens Division
Barrett, AlexRed Lake, MNMens Division
Bergrud, JoshGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Blomseth, WyattDetroit Lakes, MNMens Division
Bob, BrinkBemidji, MNMens Division
Bryan, JackGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Bye, BryceFargo, NDMens Division
Cannon, JeffreySt. Louis Park, MNMens Division
Carlin, TonyFosston, MNMens Division
Daman, RyanBemidji, MNMens Division
Deziel, NateEast Grand Forks, MNMens Division
Erholtz, BeckMotley, MNMens Division
Erholtz, FinnBelgrade, MTMens Division
Fenson, RileyBemidji, MNMens Division
Foss, JamesPima Cir, MNMens Division
Ftacek, AidanAnoka, MNMens Division
Galvin, JoshuaMaple Grove, MNMens Division
Gardner, GrantGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Goralski, ChristianNorth Oaks, MNMens Division
Grand, RickBemidji, MNMens Division
Gregg, MatthewBemidji, MNMens Division
Gruidl, WilliamEdina, MNMens Division
Hagenson, TrentonPillager, MNMens Division
Haugstad, MattBemidji, MNMens Division
Henrickson, TaylorFargo, NDMens Division
Hinners, DylanBemidji, MNMens Division
Hinschberger, ZacharyGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Hockman, BrennanHouston, TXMens Division
Howard, TamsSapulpa, OKMens Division
Israelson, ZachAtlanta, GAMens Division
Johnson, JustinBemidji, MNMens Division
Johnson, LoganMaple Grove, MNMens Division
Karnik, MaxFargo, NDMens Division
Kennelly, JoeyGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Knudson, EthanGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Kuenzel, KobyGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Kuenzel, SaylorGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Laframboise, ZachGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Larson, JohnnySpringfield, MNMens Division
Leintz, AaronBagley, MNMens Division
Maynard, MarkTucker, GAMens Division
McGarry, BradyGrand Forks, NDMens Division
McGarry, BrandonGrand forks, NDMens Division
Menton, DannyChamplin, MNMens Division
Moen, BenSt. Cloud, MNMens Division
Naylor, DylanFargo, NDMens Division
Nelson, BrandonLitchfield, MNMens Division
Norby, MattGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Olson, EthanFargo, NDMens Division
Olson, JackFargo, NDMens Division
Palmiscno, TobyBemidji, MNMens Division
Peterson, BlakeMinneapolis, MNMens Division
Robb, AlexGolden Valley, MNMens Division
Schaefer, BenjaminCarrington, NDMens Division
Schaefer, NickGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Seng, CarsonGrand Forks, MNMens Division
Simonich, IanMoorhead, MNMens Division
Skarperud, AlexFargo, NDMens Division
Skarperud, CarsonGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Skarperud, ChadFargo, NDMens Division
Skarperud, JacobFargo, NDMens Division
Skarperud, MattHamburg, IAMens Division
Skarperud, TimGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Skarperud, ZachFargo, NDMens Division
Southard, JackPrinceton, MNMens Division
Suppes, SamFargo, NDMens Division
Thompson, LukeSt. Louis Park, MNMens Division
Tollette, DerekAndover, MNMens Division
Tollette, NateRamsey, MNMens Division
Tollette, SamRamsey, MNMens Division
Vanyo, TonyBlaine, MNMens Division
Wages, DuaneGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Ward, MarkDallas, TXMens Division
Weaver, KirtJenison, MIMens Division
Well, BoomerExcelsior, MNMens Division
Wilson, GrantMentor, MNMens Division
Wilson, TylerGrand Forks, NDMens Division
Winter, BrockFargo, NDMens Division
Woods, ColeWadena, MNMens Division
Woods, KadeWadena, MNMens Division
Yavarow, NickBemidji, MNMens Division
Adam, AustinDallas, TXMens Executive Division
Arnason, JoelExcelsior, MNMens Executive Division
Arnason, PatrickHam Lake, MNMens Executive Division
Arnold, MattEdina, MNMens Executive Division
Brewinski, NathanGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Brown, JoshGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Bryan, JosephGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Bryan, ThomasGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Burgau, ChrisPhoenix, AZMens Executive Division
Burgess, JoeWoodbury, MNMens Executive Division
Curran, TylerBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
DeBolt, RandyFargo, NDMens Executive Division
Ewing, MarkGILBERT, AZMens Executive Division
Fogelson, MikeBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Fogelson, ScottBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Fore, MikeMinnetonka, MNMens Executive Division
Fox, MattRochester, MNMens Executive Division
Gardner, JeremyGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Grube, JeremyGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Gustafson, PaulClearbrook, MNMens Executive Division
Hasselberg, DerekMilaca, MNMens Executive Division
Hennum, ChrisBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Hetletved, LeeGrand forks, NDMens Executive Division
Hylden, MarkMinneapolis, MNMens Executive Division
Jabs, AaronBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Johnson, BrandonFargo, NDMens Executive Division
Johnson, DerrickGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Johnson, TroyMaple Grove, MNMens Executive Division
Jurgens, BenFergus Falls, MNMens Executive Division
Karnik, JamesFargo, NDMens Executive Division
Kennelly, ChrisNorthfield, MNMens Executive Division
Kohlrusch, TravisBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Krueger, BeauFergus Falls, MNMens Executive Division
Kuefler, AnthonyBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
LaFave, Edward (Ted)Saint Paul, MNMens Executive Division
Laframboise, NathanGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Linck, BillGilbert, AZMens Executive Division
Lizakowski, ChrisEast Grand Forks, MNMens Executive Division
Macintosh, DanFargo, NDMens Executive Division
McEnroe, BradMendota, MNMens Executive Division
McKean, JoeFarmington, MNMens Executive Division
Miller, EkrenBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Moen, NateGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Peters, GlennNorth Mankota, MNMens Executive Division
Phillips, JaredSt. Peter, MNMens Executive Division
Ring, PhilThompson, NDMens Executive Division
Ryan, TomHam Lake, MNMens Executive Division
Sawyer, TroyAlbertville, MNMens Executive Division
Smiar, TonyBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Squeglia, ChrisBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Stueber, ScottThief River Falls, MNMens Executive Division
Svingen, JohnBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Tellmann, JeffGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Tidwell, LarryOwens Cross Roads, ALMens Executive Division
Tollette, TaylorDayton, MNMens Executive Division
Tollette, TravisRamsey, MNMens Executive Division
Urbaniak, JasonNorth Oaks, MNMens Executive Division
Vaaler, AndrewGrand Forks, NDMens Executive Division
Wangberg, BenBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Warno, TonyBemidji, MNMens Executive Division
Well, SteveExcelsior, MNMens Executive Division
Woods, ScottWadena, MNMens Executive Division
Adams, DavidFargo, NDSenior Mens Division
Anderson, BradStaples, MNSenior Mens Division
Bagaason, MarkClearbrook, MNSenior Mens Division
Barrett, WilliamGrand Forks, NDSenior Mens Division
Bihrle, CraigBismarck, NDSenior Mens Division
Blomseth, DavidDetroit Lakes, MNSenior Mens Division
Bridston, PeterSt Louis Park, MNSenior Mens Division
Brune, ChadHugo, MNSenior Mens Division
Bye, BobFargo, NDSenior Mens Division
Carlson, TonyGrand Rapids, MNSenior Mens Division
Chappell, DaveGilbert, AZSenior Mens Division
Clay, DerrikSan Antonio, TXSenior Mens Division
Countryman, JohnSartell, MNSenior Mens Division
Court, PaulCold Spring, MNSenior Mens Division
Daal, OmarGilbert, AZSenior Mens Division
Dale, DonBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Daman, PaulBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Daman, TomBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Dean, MichaelJamestown, NDSenior Mens Division
Dunn, SteveRochester, MNSenior Mens Division
Dutoit, DanaChaska, MNSenior Mens Division
Ellis, CarlParker, COSenior Mens Division
Finck, DaleHenning, MNSenior Mens Division
Grueneich, DaveGilbert, AZSenior Mens Division
Gruidl, TimEdina, MNSenior Mens Division
Gumlia, LeonardAnaheim, CASenior Mens Division
Haseleu, JeffChandler, AZSenior Mens Division
Hendrickson, JeffBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Hinners, ScottBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Hoerle, DaleGilbert, AZSenior Mens Division
Horning, JasonChandler, AZSenior Mens Division
Howard, CurtBristow, OKSenior Mens Division
Iverson, MitchGrand Forks, NDSenior Mens Division
John Jr, BaerBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Jones, BrentQueen Creek, AZSenior Mens Division
Knutson, DavidBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Kujanson, JasonChandler, AZSenior Mens Division
Lee, SteveAlbert Lea, MNSenior Mens Division
Lindberg, BobBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Lindberg, MarkIrving, TXSenior Mens Division
Malnor, KevinWausaukee, WISenior Mens Division
McEnroe, JohnCrosslake, MNSenior Mens Division
Moen, RussBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Nelson, DennisBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Nelson, JakeBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Noren, RobBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Passolt, PeteWayzata, MNSenior Mens Division
Passolt, RickEdina, MNSenior Mens Division
Redman, MarcMesa, AZSenior Mens Division
Robbins, ScottBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Romo, BarryGrand Forks, NDSenior Mens Division
Schacher, MilesHawley, MNSenior Mens Division
Schaefer, ToddGrand Forks, NDSenior Mens Division
Slupe, JeffWindsor, COSenior Mens Division
Straub, TimothyGrand Forks, NDSenior Mens Division
Tollette, JonAnoka, MNSenior Mens Division
Tran, HCSeguin, TXSenior Mens Division
Vanyo, RickCircle Pines, MNSenior Mens Division
Waldstad, PatGilbert, AZSenior Mens Division
Werlein, KirkPaola, KSSenior Mens Division
Wiltse, JeffBemidji, MNSenior Mens Division
Abel, HailyChandler, AZWomens Division
Bartels, AveryOxbow, NDWomens Division
Bredemeier, LilyGrand Forks, NDWomens Division
Eckmann, AnnaPark Rapids, MNWomens Division
Graveline, AnnaFargo, NDWomens Division
Grube, JayaGrand Forks, NDWomens Division
Gruidl, BrookeEdina, MNWomens Division
Hetletved, MorganGrand Forks, NDWomens Division
Israelson, EmilyMinneapolis, MNWomens Division
Kelm, AbbieBemidji, MNWomens Division
Mallory, EmilyGrand Forks, NDWomens Division
Maninga, MadysenPark Rapids, MNWomens Division
Nelson, MeganBemidji, MNWomens Division
Offerdahl, TaylorBemidji, MNWomens Division
Olson, AvaFargo, NDWomens Division
Sawyer, MaddyAlbertville, MNWomens Division
Tabery, MissyLake Park, MNWomens Division
Tollette, AnnaRamsey, MNWomens Division
The Birchmont Tournament Committee Future Dates for the Birchmont
The Birchmont Tournament is held annually at the: The Vandersluis is held over Labor Day weekend and open to the public

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