The Birchmont Golf Tournament
Bemidji Town and Country Club, Bemidji, MN
96th Annual
Monday-Saturday, July 27-Aug 1, 2020
2019 Men's Champ Match-Play Contest Results
Birchmont Contest Results through round 5
Winners and prize payout
Rank Name City, ST Points
1stTrevor G.Fergus Falls, MN220
2ndLucas J.Moorhead, MN210
3rdKeaton L.Fergus Falls, MN200
4thJoseph W.Bemidji, MN195
5thLaura C.Bemidji, MN190
5thPaul D.Bemidji, MN190
7thAndrew I.Fargo, ND175
7thMark H.Minneapolis, MN175
7thRobert S.Saint Cloud, MN175
10thEmily I.Staples, MN170
10thPierce G.Edina, MN170
12thJoe V.Bemidji, MN165
13thHenry R.Bemidji, MN160
13thWill H.Plymouth, MN160
15thAndrew E.Hugo, MN155
15thBen W.Bemidji, MN155
15thHunter B.Detroit lakes, MN155
15thNicholas E.West Fargo, ND155
19thLarry T.Owens Cross Roads, AL150
19thMitch D.Bemidji, MN150
19thRyan P.Detroit lakes, MN150
22ndBrandon N.Litchfield, MN145
22ndMike F.Bemidji, MN145
22ndRosemary H.East Grand Forks, MN145
22ndScott Fogelson F.Bemidji, MN145
26thAndrew B.Eden prairie, MN140
26thAshley J.East grand forks, MN140
26thBen S.Wayzata, MN140
29thJackson F.Bemidji, MN135
29thSarah D.Bemidji, MN135
31stBrian G.Bemidji, MN130
32ndGarrett N.Bemidji, MN125
32ndJaret L.Bemidji, MN125
32ndKate P.Fargo, ND125
32ndLee P.Fargo, ND125
32ndNick M.Fargo, ND125
37thMitch H.Bemidji, MN120
37thOlivia K.Motley, MN120
37thRick G.Bemidji, MN120
37thScott R.Bemidji, MN120
37thZach H.Bemidji, MN120
42ndAustin M.Fargo, ND115
42ndGail J.Bemidji, MN115
42ndJohn S.Bemidji, MN115
42ndMitchell H.Staples, MN115
42ndTom J.Brooklyn Park, MN115
42ndTracy R.Pine River, MN115
42ndTrenton H.Staples, MN115
42ndTyler C.Bemidji, MN115
50thAlex D.Becker, MN110
50thBeck E.Staples, MN110
50thBrady M.GF, ND110
50thChris C.BEMIDJI, MN110
50thJack E.East gull lake, MN110
50thMary C.MOOSE LAKE, MN110
50thSam S.Coleraine, MN110
50thStephen W.Shevlin, MN110
50thSteve F.Bemidji, MN110
50thSteven J.Bemidji, MN110
50thSylvia W.Bemidji, MN110
50thTaevon W.Bemidji, MN110
50thTroy D.Bemidji, MN110
50thZach I.Atlanta, GA110
64thAaron B.Detroit Lakes, MN105
64thAlex O.Grand Forks, ND105
64thBen M.St. Cloud, MN105
64thBryce B.Fargo, ND105
64thEvan S.Coleraine, MN105
64thGordon S.Coleraine, MN105
64thHarry J.Bovey, MN105
64thJohn M.Bemidji, MN105
64thKelly B.Bemidji, MN105
64thPaul M.Fargo, ND105
64thTravis H.BEMIDJI, MN105
64thWill C.Roseau, MN105
64thWill G.Edina, MN105
77thChad S.Bemidji, MN100
77thDon E.East gull lake, MN100
77thHeidi B.Fargo, MN100
77thJohn A.Prior Lake, MN100
77thJordan H.Bemidji, MN100
77thKenneth C.Baytown, TX100
77thKyle F.Bemidji, MN100
77thNick B.East Grand Forks, MN100
77thPatrick A.Blaine, MN100
77thPete P.Wayzata, MN100
77thTony S.Bemidji, MN100
77thtroy s.Albertville, MN100
89thBrittany B.Bemidji, MN95
89thDennis D.Bemidji, MN95
89thDerek H.Princeton, MN95
89thEric M.Monticello, MN95
89thErin G.Grand forks, ND95
89thGary R.Grand forks, ND95
89thJake S.Bemidji, MN95
89thjay s.plymouth, MN95
89thJoel H.Bemidji, MN95
89thJoshua B.Fargo, ND95
89thNeil R.Wabasha, MN95
89thNic J.Bemidji, MN95
89thNikki B.Grand Forks, ND95
89thPatrick M.Bemidji, MN95
89thSarah I.Staples, MN95
89thSteve C.Roseau, MN95
89thTams H.Sapulpa, OK95
89thTerryl D.Otsego, MN95
89thTony B.Bemidji, MN95
89thZach J.Becker, MN95
110thAJ F.Bemidji, MN90
110thAndy F.West Fargo, ND90
110thBrad A.Staples, MN90
110thCal B.Bemidji, MN90
110thChuck H.Grand Rapids, MN90
110thClint C.Bemidji, MN90
110thCory P.Wadena, MN90
110thDan S.Bemidji, MN90
110thDarrin K.Grand Forks, ND90
110thErik F.Bemidji, MN90
110thGarret J.Bemidji, MN90
110thJake B.Bemidji, MN90
110thJake S.Valparaiso, IN90
110thJay P.Bloomington, MN90
110thJosh F.Tampa, FL90
110thKurt M.Grand Forks, ND90
110thMichael S.Grand Forks, ND90
110thPat B.Grand forks, ND90
110thPhil K.Grand Forks, ND90
110thRobert L.Bemidji, MN90
110thRobert M.Bemidji, MN90
110thScott P.Deer River, MN90
110thToby B.Eden Prairie, MN90
110thTodd L.Helendale, CA90
110thTravis T.Andover, MN90
136thAaron O.West Fargo, ND85
136thAdam C.New Market, MN85
136thBobbe A.Staples, MN85
136thBrad H.Muskogee, OK85
136thbrooke g.edina, MN85
136thCarter B.Eden Prairie, MN85
136thCasey B.Bemidji, MN85
136thcraig f.Ham Lake, MN85
136thCraig G.Bemidji, MN85
136thGordon S.Coleraine, MN85
136thHalle F.Bemidji, MN85
136thHarvey H.BEMIDJI, MN85
136thJohn G.Bemidji, MN85
136thJosh B.Grand forks, ND85
136thJustin J.Bemidji, MN85
136thKevin K.Brooklyn Park, MN85
136thKyle M.Boise, ID85
136thKyra L.Staples, MN85
136thMatt H.McMinnville, OR85
136thMelissa T.WADENA, MN85
136thMichael H.Bemidji, MN85
136thPaul L.Roseau, MN85
136thRachel W.Grand Forks, ND85
136thShawn W.Blaine, MN85
136thTaylor T.Champlin, MN85
136thTyler B.Grand Forks, ND85
136thTyler H.Virginia, MN85
163rdAnna G.Bemidji, MN80
163rdBarb G.Bemidji, MN80
163rdBob B.Fargo, ND80
163rdBrady O.Grand forks, ND80
163rdBrady W.Grand Forks, ND80
163rdCherie R.Grand Forks, ND80
163rdCole W.East Grand Forks, MN80
163rdDarrin V.East Grand Forks, MN80
163rdDerek B.Bemidji, MN80
163rdJack B.Grand Forks, ND80
163rdJoel A.Saint Louis Park, MN80
163rdJohn F.Monticello, MN80
163rdKoby K.Grand forks, ND80
163rdKyle E.St. Louis Park, MN80
163rdLeroy F.Cass lake, MN80
163rdLindsay F.Grand forks, ND80
163rdNikki H.East Grand Forks, MN80
163rdSam P.Minneapolis, MN80
163rdSusan G.Edina, MN80
163rdtim k.duluth, MN80
183rdBen S.Blaine, MN75
183rdBrad F.Barnesville, MN75
183rdChris H.Bemidji, MN75
183rdDickey, ND75
183rdDustin R.Fridley, MN75
183rdHaley T.Andover, MN75
183rdJarrett G.West Fargo, ND75
183rdJeffrey C.New hope, MN75
183rdJessica S.Fargo, ND75
183rdJoshua D.Grand Forks, ND75
183rdRandy M.Bemidji, MN75
183rdScott W.Wadena, MN75
183rdTyler P.GRAND FORKS, ND75
183rdZach H.Grand forks, ND75
197thAaron B.Grand forks, ND70
197thAdam B.Grand Forks, ND70
197thAndrew V.Grand Forks, ND70
197thBecky B.Grand Forks, ND70
197thDebbie G.Sarasota, FL70
197thDerek B.Duluth, MN70
197thEthan K.Grand forks, ND70
197thJay S.Grand Forks, ND70
197thMATT A.Grand Forks, ND70
197thPaul G.Mpls, MN70
197thRichard S.Crookston, MN70
197thScott S.Minneapolis, MN70
197thTanner H.Coleraine, MN70
210thAustin M.Grand Forks, ND65
210thDanette R.Pine River, MN65
210thDave L.Moorhead, MN65
210thDuddy W.Grand Forks, ND65
210thJeremy G.Grand Forks, ND65
210thJoey K.Grand forks, ND65
210thJulie H.Grand Forks, ND65
210thKevin R.Rochester, MN65
210thKim M.Grand Forks, ND65
210thSadie G.Grand Forks, ND65
210thTimothy G.Edina, MN65
221stBen B.Fargo, ND60
221stJacob T.Tampa, FL60
221stLisa K.Grand forks, ND60
221stMatt C.Bemidji, MN60
221stSeth B.Grand Forks, MN60
221stSkylar B.Grand Forks, ND60
227thAustin K.Bemidji, MN55
227thBrad K.Bemidji, MN55
227thBrandon M.Grand Forks, ND55
227thErica S.Grand Forks, ND55
227thJeff O.Aberdeen, SD55
227thMaggie A.Edina, MN55
227thRalph B.Grand Forks, ND55
227thRylan B.Grand Forks, MN55
235thkayla l.grand forks, ND50
236thJustin H.Grand Forks, ND45
237thKate H.Bemidji, MN40
238thAnthony M.Grand Forks, ND35
238thJohn G.Bemidji, MN35
238thThomas P.Grand Rapids, MN35
238thVicky L.East Grand Forks, MN35
242ndJames K.Fargo, ND30
242ndRyan S.Scottsdale, AZ30
244thSteven M.LANSING, MI25
245thEllory G.Grand Forks, ND15
245thRobin W.Grand Forks, ND15
Winners with points for each round
Duane Wages JrRound: 15
James FossRound: 15
Beck ErholtzRound: 15
Chris SwensonRound: 15
Cody CookRound: 15
Matt HaugstadRound: 15
Zach IsraelsonRound: 15
Gage StrommeRound: 15
Lucas JohnsonRound: 15
Trey DaleRound: 15
Toby PalmiscnoRound: 15
Matthew GreggRound: 15
Andrew IsraelsonRound: 15
Josh BergrudRound: 15
Matt SkarperudRound: 15
Brennan HockmanRound: 15
Duane WagesRound: 210
Chris SwensonRound: 210
Cody CookRound: 210
Gage StrommeRound: 210
Lucas JohnsonRound: 210
Matthew GreggRound: 210
Andrew IsraelsonRound: 210
Brennan HockmanRound: 210
Chris SwensonRound: 320
Cody CookRound: 320
Matthew GreggRound: 320
Andrew IsraelsonRound: 320
Chris SwensonRound: 430
Matthew GreggRound: 430
Chris SwensonRound: 540
Popularity of players picked to win
Andrew Israelson145
Nick Schaefer25
Zach Hinschberger15
Lucas Johnson13
Zach Israelson7
James Foss5
Chris Swenson5
Toby Palmiscno4
Nate Deziel4
Adam Van Raden4
Tim Skarperud3
Justin Johnson2
Matt Skarperud2
Mitchell Hendricks2
Chad Skarperud2
Andrew Lindberg1
Duane Wages Jr1
Sam Tollette1
Beck Erholtz1
Matt Haugstad1
Josh Bergrud1
Alex Skarperud1
Matt Norby1
The Birchmont Tournament Committee Future Dates for the Birchmont
The Birchmont Tournament is held annually at the: The Vandersluis is held over Labor Day weekend and open to the public

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