MATCH PLAY HOLE-BY-HOLE     Bemidji Town & Country Club, Bemidji, Minnesota
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Hole Statistics

Men's Champ Final  Andrew Israelson vs James Foss Israelson wins 4 and 3 View these matches
Exec Champ  Brad Anderson vs Mark Moreland Brad Anderson Wins 1 up View these matches
Junior Champ  Nate Deziel vs Bryce Bye Nate Deziel wins 3-2 View these matches
Womens Champ  Emily Israelson vs Morgan Williams Israelson wins 6 and 4 View these matches
Masters Champ  Glen Hasselberg vs Jim Archer Glen Hasselberg Winner View these matches
Mens Champ  Chris Curb vs Andrew Israelson Israelson wins 5 and 4 View these matches
Mens Champ  Jim Foss vs Van Holmgren Jim Foss wins 4 and 3 
Sr. Mens Champ  Jeff Tweeton vs Jeff Wiltse Wiiltse wins 6 and 5 View these matches

Mens Champ  Toby Palmiscno vs Chris Curb Chris Curb 4-3 View these matches
Mens Champ  Matt Norby vs James Foss James Foss 8-6 
Mens Champ  Matt Skarperud vs Andrew Israelson thru 5 holes 
Mens Champ  Johnny Larson vs Van Holmgren thru 5 holes 

Mens Champ  Adam Van Raden vs Toby Palmiscno thru 11 holes View these matches
Mens Champ  Alex Barret vs Johnny Larson Johnny Larson 4-3 
Mens Champ  Chris Curb vs Jack Holmgren Chris Curb 5-4 
Mens Champ  Justin Johnson vs Van Holmgren thru 9 holes 
Mens Champ  Andrew Israelson vs Will Czeh thru 16 holes 
Mens Champ  Alex Koopmeiners vs Matt Norby thru 10 holes 
Mens Champ  Matt Haugstad vs Matt Skarperud thru 4 holes 
Mens Champ  Will Holmgren vs Jim Foss thru 9 holes 

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