The Birchmont Golf Tournament
Bemidji Town and Country Club, Bemidji, MN
95th Annual
Monday-Saturday, July 22-27, 2019
2018 Chairman 1st Flight
Tony Carlson
·Maple Grove, MN Nate Moen 4-3
Nate Moen ·Grand Forks, ND
·Grand Forks, ND   Tuff Harris 4-2
Scott Woods   ·Billings, MT
·Wadena, MN Tuff Harris 5-3  
Tuff Harris ·Billings, MT  
·Billings, MT     Brad McEnroe
Tyler Bloms   ·Minneapolis, MN
·Grand Forks, ND Brad McEnroe 3-2  
Brad McEnroe ·Minneapolis, MN  
·Minneapolis, MN   Brad McEnroe 6-5
Aaron Bridgeford   ·Minneapolis, MN
·Grand Forks, ND Aaron Bridgeford 2 Up
Jeff Tellman ·Grand Forks, ND
·Grand Forks, ND
Chairman 1st Flight - CONSOLATION
Tony Carlson
·Maple Grove, MN Scott Woods
Scott Woods ·Grand Forks, ND
·Wadena, MN   Tyler Bloms
Tyler Bloms   ·Grand Forks, ND
·Grand Forks, ND Tyler Bloms
Jeff Tellman ·Grand Forks, ND
·Grand Forks, ND  
The Birchmont Tournament Committee Future Dates for the Birchmont
The Birchmont Tournament is held annually at the: The Vandersluis is held over Labor Day weekend and open to the public

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