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2017 Senior Director 1st Flight
Jack Larson
Clements, MN Miles Schacher 6-5
Miles Schacher Hawley, MN
Hawley, MN   Miles Schacher
Mike Deau   Hawley, MN
Albea, IA Duane Wages Sr. 1 Up  
Duane Wages Sr. Grand Forks, ND  
Grand Forks, ND     Miles Schacher 19 holes
Jeff Erickson   Hawley, MN
Bemidji, MN Steve Dunn 3-2  
Steve Dunn Minneapolis, MN  
Minneapolis, MN   Mark Noga
Scott Robbins   Los Altos, CA
Bemidji, MN Mark Noga 1 Up
Mark Noga Los Altos, CA
Los Altos, CA
Senior Director 1st Flight - CONSOLATION
Jack Larson
Clements, MN Mike Duea
Mike Duea Bemidji, MN
Albea, IA   Mike Duea 5-4
Jeff Erickson   Albea, IA
Bemidji, MN Scott Robbins
Scott Robbins Bemidji, MN
Bemidji, MN  

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