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2017 Women's Championship
Emily Israelson
·Staples, MN Emily Israelson 7-8
Bo Erholtz ·Staples, MN
·Staples, MN   Kristin Glesne 1up
Heather Erholtz   ·San Antonio, TX
·Staples, MN Kristin Glesne  
Kristin Glesne ·San Antonio, TX  
·San Antonio, TX     Kristin Glesne 3-2
Hailey Abel   ·San Antonio, TX
·Avilla, ND Hailey Abel 7-6    
Amber Koth ·Avilla, ND    
·Chaska, MN   Katie Nelson 19 Holes  
Katie Nelson   ·Bismark, ND  
·Bismark, ND Katie Nelson 5-4  
Taylor Offerdahl ·Bismark, ND  
·Bemidji, MN   Katie Sheetz 1 up
Katie Sheetz   ·Grand Rapids, MN
·Grand Rapids, MN Katie Sheetz 6-4  
Emily Ladd ·Grand Rapids, MN  
·Staples, MN   Katie Sheetz 1 Up  
Haley Tollette   ·Grand Rapids, MN  
·Andover, MN Haley Tollette 4-3    
Carrie Lundgren ·Andover, MN    
·Chaska, MN     Katie Sheetz 19 holes
Abby Kelm   ·Grand Rapids, MN
·Bemidji, MN Abby Kelm 5-4  
Alexandra Peterson ·Bemidji, MN  
·Staples, MN   Annie Nelson 3-2
Annie Nelson   ·Bismark, ND
·Bismark, ND Annie Nelson
Olivia Klefsaas ·Bismark, ND
·Motley, MN
Women's Championship - CONSOLATION
  Emily Israelson
  ·Staples, MN
    Emily Israelson 8-7
    ·Staples, MN
  Hailey Abel  
  ·Arvilla, ND  
      Haley Tollette 2 up
    ·Andover, MN
  Haley Toilette  
  ·Andover, MN  
    Haley Toilette 5-4
    ·Andover, MN
  Abby Kelm
  ·Bemidji, MN

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